March 30, 2012

We are back at it again! The ice went out on March 26th which is about the earliest I’ve ever seen it. So it looks like everything will be ramped up a little this year. This coming week we are going to be opening up the storage barns and getting going with our “Spring Starts” for those in storage, so give us a call when you think you are going to want you boat so we can schedule it.

Our summer hours will start on Saturday April 7th. Looks like it’s going to be busy summer at Mille Lacs.

And everyone should be aware that there are new evasive species rules for transporting and cleaning boats that leave Mille Lacs and other lakes across the state. We are a permitted Lake Service Provider and will have boat decontamination facilities to offer this year. Everyone should go on the MN DNR website and read the new rules and regulations for boaters this year.

Our other site, has a lake Web Cam for those that want to see what is going on out on our end of Mille Lacs.

Keep a tight line!!

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